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[Audio] Creating Magic with your Attention and Awareness

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
[Audio] Creating Magic with your Attention and Awareness

Listen as I enjoy a beautiful sunny day in Mount Shasta. I talk about people’s feedback and experience with The Secret Meditation, subjective experience, managing awareness, meditation, sensory deprivation tanks, and your inner telescope.

I also share a secret I’ve learned from people who are wildly successful in their life. There’s one commonality that they all have. You and I can do it, too. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

During the recording of the podcast, I receive some surprise visits from a couple of local “friends” as I sit on the side of Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta has been known to a place where the unusual happens. This podcast definitely captures some unusual experiences.

Download the MP3. You can also watch the video on YouTube, same audio as the podcast.

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