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What is ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono, sometimes spelled Hoponopono, is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice that can change your life. It’s a rather simple practice, with a long history. How to pronounce ho’oponopono Lets start with the pronunciation it is HO – oh – Po-no – Po-no When it is...

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What really matters

My good friend James is someone with whom I’ve shared many conversations about spirituality. He isn't doing so well these days. He is living in a nursing home now as he’s having difficulty remembering. I visited him yesterday, and he didn’t recognize me. And yet, he...

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What does it mean to be timeless?

I taught Kathy some of the concepts related to the new DVD as they related to some sadness she's been having. You see, she's fostering these kittens, and they'll be moving on this week. After two months of being a foster mama, she's sad to see them go. They're really...

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