Making Better Decisions About Money

I’ve been working for months on a new product: Mental Dominance Trading.

Mental Dominance Trading

I have to admit, when I was first approached with the idea of a mindset video specific for traders, I wasn’t sure it was a good fit for me. But I listened, and I did some research.

Neuroeconomics is a burgeoning field. It is the study and understanding of how people make decisions and how that drives economic factors. It sounds very scientific and technical, and it is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it, learn about it, and capitalize on the understandings that have come from its study.

You might think that you’ve got nothing to learn from neuroeconomics or traders. But if you’re interested in making good decisions about money, projects, and investments, these incredibly fascinating fields of study can help you.

Mental Dominance Trading can help you.

This may be a product that could change your life, even if you’re not a trader. I’ve blended the scientific research, knowledge and understanding from some of the smartest people in the field of neuroplasticity and neuroeconomics. In this two-DVD set, you’ll gain insights from Dr. John Burton, John Overdurf and myself.

If you ARE a trader… you’ll quickly see the power of Inside the Trader’s Mind.

We had a few active traders take a sneak peek at the product. Here’s what one said:

“The progress that I’m seeing with my challenges of high anxiety, self doubt, and victimization in regards to FOREX trading are absolutely remarkable in the space of one week.

I have used both the necker cube video and the inductive space video assiduously, multiple times, many times each day. The “layers of the onion” are peeling … wow! in a way that I did not expect. I know that what is happening is the removal of all obstacles to my success in trading.

These obstacles are not only about only trading or learning the trade plan or concepts of FOREX. They are cutting to heart of the deep problems I have been facing for many years in my whole life as a human being.

I really appreciate your consideration of me as a whole person, not just as a student learning FOREX. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Mark Justin

You can do all the manifestation work you want… but if you’re operating from a place of stress, fear, doubt, or greed… you’re going to make bad decisions.

If you’re making decisions about money from a place of those primal motivators of stress, greed, doubt, or fear, you trigger a part of your mind that works off of adrenaline. That part of your mind is meant to make life-and-death decisions, not rational decisions about money.

Decisions made from this vantage point end up being less than optimal. How much money have you lost by making decisions from a place of stress or anxiety? This fight or flight part of your brain is only interested in what is going on right NOW to save your life. This part of your brain has no access to the higher thinking parts of your mind that deal with the future: your dreams, hopes, and long term success.

Imagine working with these processes to make optimal decisions about your money, your investments, your goals, or even what is the best course for action?

  • Can you imagine how much money you might save from this place of mind and body?
  • Can you imagine how much more money you might make?
  • How much more secure would you feel know you were making decisions from the optimal place in the mind?

Take a look at Mental Dominance Trading. The scientific research taking place in the field of neuroeconomics, neuroplasticity, and neuromarketing is fascinating. It will change your life, whether you know it now or not.

This DVD is cutting edge. There will be imitators. But no one will have the depth and breadth of expertise, knowledge, and technology that this DVD brings together.

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