I wrote recently about changes in my coaching practice. I’m now going deeper with those people who are looking to completely transform their lives through a specialized, individual program that takes place over a longer period of time.

I also had a lot of feedback from people who were looking to go deeper and experience coaching for the first time. In February 2013, I held my first group coaching call. I worked directly with a few people on the call, but everyone who listened was able to hear the magic and apply the learning to their own lives. I received testimonials from nearly everyone who was on the call. The experience was magical, and we captured that magic in a recording. You, too, can hear that magic and put the teachings to work in your life as well.

Learn more about the coaching call, and download it and listen today for only $47.

I also decided to make the group coaching experience a regular event. The next coaching opportunity is Wednesday, March 6, at 7 pm eastern time. Watch a video and learn about the opportunity to participate!