A Full Day for YOU…to get past your limitations…and GROW!

The Breakthrough Day is designed as an update for your Values System…and your Values System runs the show in each area of your life.

Updating and aligning your Values System with this NEW Model will make the areas of your life that you work on run so much smoother and Decisions so much easier and faster. Once you go through this process and clear the blocks in your value system there is no hesitation….you WILL know exactly what to do.

Towards the end of the process we re-elicit your vales again after the blocks are removed and tomost peoples amazement they find they have NEW and more powerful values that will propel you automatically toward the direction of your desires.

Right now your values are moving you in the direction you are going but not in the direction you may want. They do it automatically now and that is why we hear people say “Why do I keep doing the same things I don’t want to do over and over again?” That is the power of values working in the wrong way…now imagine them working automatically in the direction you want them to!

This is an amazing process that will forever change you in the areas you chose to work on them for.

You see, you didn’t get a chance to form your values on your own. They were adopted by you from your parents, teachers, religious leaders, society, TV etc. Then you have been doing the best you could with what you took on from others.

So if you are trying to go in a certain direction and excell at it but you do not have the “Value Software” to achive it…you will continue to be frustrated.

If you tried to do the same in todays computer world and work with a 20 year old computer and operating system you would feel the same kind of frustration wouldn’t you?

If you were trying to climb a ladder or set of stairs and there were rungs or stairs missing you would be stuck at the level you were at even though you could see there were other stairs or rungs in front of you. How would that make you feel?

So lets fill the runds and empty stairs ot even better lets build a new ladder or staircase just for you! Lets get you the most powerful new computer and system for today!

Here is what happens on your Magical Breakthrough Session Day.

  1. We start in the morning and have an informal discussion about what area of life you chose to work on, and we ask why?
  2. Then we elicit your current value system based on how you are living your life now. This is key as it helps to find out the values that are not working for you and causing you to be blocked. I like to use a flip chart with colored markers so you can really see the process occuring.
  3. The we flush out the BELIEFS behind the VALUES. Another big key to why you hold your values the way you do at present.
  4. Through a process we identify the BELIEFS that are the main drivers to causing you the rungs on the ladder or missing steps…old operating systems that need to be updated for you to live you life NOW the way you want to.
  5. Then we do the work to clean up those LIMITING BELIEFS. This is the most important part of the whole day! It is where I do my best work and where you will get the biggest shift. Once we identify and change these deep core BELIEFS…everything changes 🙂
  6. Then we RE-ELICIT your values in that area of life. This process goes much faster now and this is where you may have a shock as they are usually ALL NEW. When people say them and see me write them on the Flip-Chart I can see them sit up straighter in their chair…Your voice will be much more confident and you will feel it in your body and probably be smiling and breathing easier because you will know this is the YOU THAT HAS BEEN INSIDE OF YOU ALL ALONG WAITING TO COME OUT!!!
  7. We then double check your new Aligned and Updated Values with 3 quick processes to see if any residue remains (I have never seen any but if there is we clean that up)
  8. At this point you are going through a brain process called Reconsolidation and your brain and body is readjusting with your new and updated values. So you can take a break or we can go and get some nutrition together. Because of the reconsolidation process I want to stay near and reenforce the updating process.
  9. After the break we will continue to reenforce the NEW YOU. I will be encouraging you to access your creative brain and connect these new values to what you are doing now and what you will be doing in your chosen area of life in the future. I like to go to a beautiful place if client come to Mt. Shasta or if I go to clients or meet them somewhere I ask them what beautiful place they would like to go to integrate these incredible NEW LEARNINGS.
  10. When you are ready, we are done. At this point, I encourage you to be by yourself and maybe take a bath or have a massage or even just sleep. I want you to really let your body and mind absorb fully the wonderful work you just did for yourself.




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