Power Positions Of The Mind

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Power Positions of the Mind

Learn one of the most powerful NLP techniques used for change, sales, and better relationships: Perceptual Positions.

Perceptual Positions is an extremely easy and very powerful technique. You may even be using this without even knowing it. In this video, you will learn how to supercharge the perceptual positions technique for more success in your life. Many NLP experts have reviewed this program saying they have learned new ways to use Perceptual Positions.

By using this NLP technique, you gain a greater appreciation of any situation in your life by viewing that situation from a number of different perspectives. It allows you to gain greater perspective and understanding, allowing you to connect better with the people in your life.

Why use Power Positions of the mind?

  • Dramatically improve your understanding of other people, situations, places, things!
  • Think more flexibly and creatively.
  • Analyze situations more logically and with more depth by decreasing emotional, reactive responses.
  • Learn how your methods of communication influence others.
  • Improve your sales ability.
  • Make better connections in your relationships.
  • Teach others more effectively.
  • Become a better coach, teacher, leader.

Talking about Power Positions of the Mind is one thing, but once you experience the hypnotic meditation in this program, you’ll change your life.

Who can benefit from Power Positions of the Mind?

No matter what you do for a living, no matter what relationship you’re in, or what relationship you desire to be in, you can benefit from this program.

Athletes, Architects, Engineers, Artists of all kinds, Salespeople, Hollywood, Research and Development of every corporations including the biggest car companies in the world because a good friend teaches it to them. We have not found anyone who is extremely successful who doesn’t use them…and usually are much better at it than other people…this is one of the main reasons winners stand out!

This is the technology of “Walking a Mile in someone’s Shoes” to better understand other perspectives that creates a more successful you.

This program includes:

  1. One teaching video 53:53 long
  2. One hypnotic meditation 43:31 long