As a Speaker, are you Ready For:

  • Engaged audiences?
  • Larger audiences?
  • Better testimonials and better recommendations?
  • Referrals because your audience remembers you and your message?
  • Bigger stages and larger social media following
  • Getting paid… more?

Become Your Most Authentic Speaker Ever...NOW!

Can You Be Not Just Authentic...

But Hypno-Mystic Authentic?

What is Hypno-Mystic Authentic?


1. Hypnotic –  Engaging, Inspiring, Stimulating , Appealing, Magnetic

2. Mystical – Fascinating, Awe-Inspiring, Transcendent

3. Authentic – Real, Genuine, Original, Trustworthy, convincing

Because it creates more of an emotional connection and interest in you…and if they are interested in you then chances are pretty good that they are interested in what you have to say.

When they are interested you become even more authentic. Your audience then becomes more enthusiastic. People want REAL and Authentic…They are tired of speakers sounding like they phoned in the presentation and are reading it from a script. They don’t want to listen to someone who is calculated and insincere but trying to act as if they are REAL. Your audience will be quick to pick that up.

Your audience is looking for authentic so they can trust you and relax and take in your information easily instead of having to analyze every bit of information to see if it is true or not…or worse they will just shut you out.

When your audience senses you are authentic and relaxes and trusts you. You can feels it and start to relax even more into you best authentic speaker.

The sooner this happens the better!

Mark Can Help You Get To You Best Authentic Self ….RIGHT AWAY!

Let Mark And His 23+ Years Of Speaker Coaching Help You... NOW!

Mark coached some of the top Speakers, Actors, Teachers and Presenters in the world.

Mark coached some of the top Speakers, Actors, Teachers and Presenters in the world.

Mark not only gives you practical advice but is also a 30 year+ coach & therapist who quickly discovers and clears issues that get in the way of your Best Authentic Speaking! 

Why Use Mark's Authentic And Hypnotic Speaking Coaching And Course?

…Mark started speaking at Toastmasters in the early 1990’s…

I would give short speeches before the group and get really good reviews. I had several people pull me aside and say I should really get serious about speaking. I asked what they meant and they said that I didn’t know how good I really was. I again asked what they meant. They said “you are a natural and very authentic and you could talk about anything and we would listen”

Well that blew me away because up until that moment I didn’t consider myself very good…I was just having fun with them and giving them the information in the best way I thought they would understand it. I had to really think about this more as I could tell they meant what they said.

Fast forward a few years to the mid 1990’s when I started to study with John Overdurf (who is known as one of the best teacher/presenters in the world to this day) I wanted to study with the best so I took his week long trainers course with John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn. I kept hearing people say I was so easy to listen to…and then that word again…I was so authentic.

While at the training we as students would give feedback to other students. I loved giving the feedback as it help my fellow students and I felt fantastic after giving the feedback. John and Julie had a wonderful way of teaching us how best to give feedback that left us and the other students glowing. So it was a wonderful win – win relationship all around.

While there, other students would come to me privately and ask me for my feedback. So for the next class I asked John and Julie if I could assist them and they gladly accepted.

I helped with many classes over the years. Both with practical speaking coaching and more importantly with clearing up blocks that folks were having from being their best authentic speakers.

Fast forward to 2012 and now teaching with his wife Kirsten Farris (Now Overdurf). They invited me to come assist and film them in Scottsdale AZ for their 3 week trainers course…well I jumped on it and said YES!
(PS I have been doing it every year and will do it again this summer for 10 days in Madison Ga…outside of Atlanta)

So with John’s new class, we started giving feedback in real time so the audience could see the speaker shift their presentation before their eyes…and the speaker could feel it as they were speaking. It is so amazing. John also taught us how to hold a field of expectation energy for the student/speaker to grow in. People of all professions come from all over the world for this incredible class.

Last year John said to me in so many words “Mark…why don’t you do this yourself seeing that you like it so much and are so good at it” I told him I had done some speaker coaching with my clients but it had never occured to me in all these years to do something similar to what we have been doing since the mid 1990’s.

Then recently my wife had to do a speaking gig hear in Phoenix for 40 people and wanted me to listen to her for about 30 minutes. She insisted I not interrupt her ( Yeah good luck I told her 🙂 )

So wanting to respect my wife I asked if I could ask questions. She allowed this….and that is all I needed to help her “Authentic Speaker Self” come out. We actually had a lot of fun and she did fantastic that night and said to me on her return home. “Hey that stuff you did with me really worked” “I am not sure how but I felt more like myself while speaking and I got great feedback from the audience!”

I told her I was happy for her and that the best part of the coaching was yet to come!!! She was now much more open to it. So a few days later we sat down and I did a process with her that she said “Changed her Life” She also said her interaction with everyone in her life had shifted”

You see being and Authentic Speaker will change EVERY aspect of your life, not just speaking. Once you feel your authentic self in front of other people speaking…there is no need to go back to anything that is not authentic…and people notice!

My one-on-one method only allows me to accept only 4-6 clients every week! Book me in advance …

What Is Different About This NEW “Authentic And Hypnotic Speaker NOW” Method?

… it’s a 6 stage process …

Special Intake Form

This is an intake that tells me a bit about you and your speaking experience (if any) and where you want to go with your speaking career?
What do you want to speak about?
Who do you want your audience to be?
When do you want to start?
Your strengths and weaknesses from your perspective now?
…and more

We Will Have A Conversation (Phone Or In Person) To Get Familiar And Find Out Your Needs And Wants.


I will get clear with you on the questions from the Special Intake Form.

I will start to do some of the coaching to get you where you want to be and clear any blocks or fears you may have.

We will start to set up a plan for your future.

I Will Have You Present On Skype, Zoom Or In-Person.


This is a lot of fun!

We do real time coaching as you present a small piece of material.

You will get a great idea of how I coach here…and you will notice how you speak better…right away!

We will also get some better insight into the direction we want to take with the “Magical Process”.

We Will Do The “Magical Process” That Will Change Your Life.


In 30 + years of coaching this is the most powerful and inspiring process I have used.

You will experience a major shift that will propel you automatically in the direction of your Speaking Dreams.

It will become super easy to make the perfect decisions you need to make going forward.

It will be like you can see the path forward that you never could before…automatically!

We Will Do More Presenting And Evaluation, Q&A.

After and with the “Magical Process” we will have you speak again…and you will experience the difference immediately.
You will know something has shifted for the positive…and others will get that something has shifted in you.
You will be more appealing in your message and they will hear you clearer.

I Will Have An Ever Increasing Content Speaking Course Included.

I will be making practical teaching videos and audios including meditations you can access and listen to anytime on my membership site.

The Best time to Become an Authentic Speaker was years ago… the Second Best is NOW…


Hear It From Happy Students Of Mark!

Give yourself the gift of working with Mark Ryan...simply put he's in the business of changing lives brilliantly, powerfully and very very effectively! Best of all he does it with friendship and love.
Gary W
Builder &
I always enjoy having Mark on my talk show. He is informative, humorous, and gets the point across clearly. He is a great guy!
Chris Baker
Talk Show Host and Comedian
Mark Ryan is a godsend. I met Mark at an event with Joe Vitale and was immediately impressed by his passion, authenticity, humility, and his wealth of knowledge about how the mind works.
Bill Hibbler