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The secret is that there is a different law of manifestation…
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The Law of Flow is the real secret to manifesting and attaining your goals. Explored, developed, and tested by Mark J. Ryan, an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and the latest in neuroplasticity, The Law of Flow is a new model of manifestation that expands the ability of humans to create their own experience through the power of their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

“I have watched these so-called experts frustrate people by teaching them the Law of Attraction. But I’ve seen what they really do. They use something much more powerful. They use The Law of Flow. They might not call it this, but it’s what they do. They know that the unconscious mind cannot understand the Law of Attraction. But it understands The Law of Flow. If your unconscious mind cannot understand the principles and the model of the Law of Attraction, it’s not going to work. But with The Law of Flow, I’ve really seen the difference.”

– Mark J. Ryan

You understand the principles of attraction. You’ve seen images of magnets and money. But what happens when you hold a magnet over precious metals like gold or silver? Nothing. It doesn’t work. What do you think if you hold a magnet over $100 bills? Or if you hold a magnet over a person? Do you think it will attract it? How does that feel to you? Odd? Off? Unlikely? How is your unconscious supposed to understand you attracting something on a basic level?

Your unconscious understands this, it has seen it work, and unless you’ve worked with many other different experiences in attraction and have seen it work differently, your unconscious negates the very work you’re trying to do. Your manifestations sit in the corner, unable to work with the framework of understanding your reality that your unconscious protects and believes.

The Law of Flow, however, works with a lot of different metaphors. It works with different pictures. It works with all sorts of different imagery. It works with natural cycles, it works with many different models of experience. And it is built into some of the oldest systems of understanding our reality.

Think of all of the places where you see flow, all of the ways that the principles of FLOW benefit the world… and how FLOW benefits you:

  • Water
  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Ocean tides
  • Faucets (even drains)
  • Air
  • Jetstreams
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Lava
  • Blood in your veins
  • Air in your lungs
  • Nutrients in your digestive system
  • Tree sap
  • Electrical current
  • Fuel

Flow is everywhere.

Flow is the natural order of things.

Even an infant knows that mother’s breast contains the flow of life. Flow is a primal part of humanity’s collective unconscious.

And if you are in business, you understand all too well the importance of a big Law of Flow: CASH FLOW.

Attraction, however, is a principle that only works in certain parameters. It is much more difficult for your unconscious to understand, work with, and manifest from. Attraction, however, is something we get at a conscious level. However, it is a departure from the flow you have grown to know, understand, and feel at all levels of your awareness. If you want to change your life, you don’t attract a new life, you flow into a new experience.

We get it!

  • If you consciously choose to desire a different experience that what you have now, you had better have both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind working together on it.

With the arrival of these incredible new machines that can see into our brain, neuroscientists can now see the “Flow” of information in our brains. We can now see the different flows between those who attain their goals versus those who struggle. This information help us to properly use The Law of Flow to help both the conscious and unconscious to work together.

  • Your conscious mind — your waking, thinking mind — is your rational mind.
  • Your unconscious mind — the part that remembers to flow your breath, your blood, your digestion — is where effortless manifestation takes place.

The key is to get unconscious and conscious working TOGETHER to manifest and attain your goals. This is really exciting as it will change everything about how we get what we want out of life.

I’ve been studying this now for years. In fact, I bought this domain,, years ago in preparation for releasing this information. The Law of Flow brings together everything I have learned in my career about how the mind works, how we manifest, how energy flows through our bodies, and how the natural world works.

In this The Law of Flow system, I have combined:

  • The best brain science
  • The most tried and tested manifestation techniques
  • Proven goal-setting techniques that work
  • All of this done easily and automatically

You don’t have to change your beliefs, change your methods of manifestation, or change what you want. This additional component sets a new framework to make it all work.

How does the system work?

Simply put, it identifies systems of flow already in your mind and body you might not even be aware of. The first thing is Awareness: you must be aware that you even have it and how you can use it. Then, you need to be able to put your attention on these flow points in your body and mind to make them work for you.

Then we begin to be able to find out how to use and amplify this flow, and then we learn how to put this energy from the Law of Flow into your Manifestations and goals to let the Law work for you.

Even if you don’t believe in the spiritual aspect of this, just doing the process will still work because it is also based in neuroscience, you get the best of both worlds.

Here is what you will get in this system that will take you through all aspects of The Law Of Flow:

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