Discover a Robust System to Open the Doorway to Your Personal Divine Zero State Through Advanced Ho’oponopono

As more and more people discover the simple beauty of cleaning beliefs, data, and experience with ho’oponopono, more people are looking for the deeper meaning and power behind the four powerful statements:

I Love You
Please Forgive Me
I’m Sorry
Thank You

Mark J. Ryan, the man credited with introducing ho’oponopono and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len to Joe Vitale, leading to the publication of Zero Limits, has been practicing and teaching ho’oponopono for years. At events around the world, people have been asking Mark deeper and more pointed questions about the ancient Hawaiian healing method called ho’oponopono.

Mark, of course, has been the creator of the wildly successful Subliminal Manifestation DVDs, including the Subliminal Manifestation: Zero Limits DVD, along with Joe Vitale.

ho'oponopono subliminal clearingNow, Mark has something even more powerful to share with you. Mark designed, produced, and created this new subliminal program, designed to help you learn and integrate the advanced concepts of ho’oponopono. This special, Online Course of over 40 videos is specially designed to work with both your conscious and unconscious minds.

Where to start? ……..OH MY GOD!!!!! This is beautiful… You have manifested beauty! I know, I know,

I can be a little dramatic, but what I say is true.

The visuals, the teaching, the gift of clarity. I feel so honored to be part of this! It will take some time to really go deep within this set of discs…but every minute will be delicious.

– Kim Merlino, Mount Shasta, California

When you use this Subliminal ClearingTM Online Course, you install powerful processes that will help you automatically have a more prosperous, peaceful, loving, and joyous life…. while at the same time, you clear negative beliefs, patterns, and data that stand in the way of your own highest, best, Divine Good.

Ho’oponopono is a very simple process. It doesn’t require much effort before you start experiencing new breakthroughs and understanding… and a new experience of life.

I love youThrough Mark’s extensive client work coaching and performing therapy with individuals, he has been able to delve behind the blockages people have by changing individual perspectives. Once people see something in a different perspective, they can open to new experience in a whole new way.

If you look at a house and can’t see the door, you may assume there is no way in. Ho’oponopono teaches you that there is always a way in, always a doorway back to the Zero State. Mark’s processes teach you how to find the door, how to allow the door to find you, and how to find peace within the process.

Imagine that. A process combining ho’oponopono, hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)… utilizing all of the cutting-edge techniques we know about the human mind and human experience… all designed and melded together to help you find and open the doorway back to your own Divine Zero State.

The results Mark has experienced while working with people have been astonishing.





Mark Says: “I really got to test these techniques when I went to Russia last September. I was able to try some of these new advanced techniques on a two live audiences of 600 people in Moscow, Russia and Novosibirsk, Siberia. The results were mindblowing…even with the language barrier.

“I saw and heard people tell me how these techniques had transformed them in only two days!

People who said they had never experienced happiness before now knew what it felt like. Relationships with family and spouses changed almost overnight. These were the same kinds of stories I had been hearing from working with folks in the USA and around the world while using these advanced techniques.”

I'm sorryIf you buy a new car that doesn’t have any options, it can still do the job you want it to. The car will transport you wherever you want to go. But how nice would it be to listen to a bit of music along the way? Perhaps some air conditioning on a hot day? Maybe some electronic seat adjustments, or even a seat warmer on a cold day?

The point is this: just like a car has a basic package, so is the basic Ho’oponopono. It will get the job done. Nothing else is required. It works just fine as is. But what if there are options available that can make your journey more fun, more comfortable, more interesting. Would you be interested?

please forgive meZ Plus Advanced Ho’oponopono is the answer. With over 6 hours of video In this Online Course, you’ll learn more about ho’oponopono and clearing negative emotional vibrations than you ever thought possible. What is most important, however, is that you will be able to experience those states of clearing… those states where you are able to access your own personal Divine Zero State within you.



Two Powerful Subliminal Clearing Videos


The two subliminal clearing videos that facilitate this change include the Advanced Inner Child Meditation and the Quantum Perspective Ho’oponopono Problem Solver.

love your inner childThe Inner Child Meditation included on the Subliminal Manifestation: Zero Limits DVD was incredibly powerful. Many individuals said that it was the highlight of the DVD and one of the most moving experiences of their lives. This meditation brought people more peace, joy, love, enjoyment… better sleep, more enjoyable experiences, even jobs felt easier. Many people reported new relationships, new jobs, and new business opportunities. Of course. These are the types of changes that happen when an individual comes closer to their own Divine Zero State.

“For any of you who are interested in delving deeper into the Ho’oponopono process I would highly suggest Mark’s Z Plus Subliminal Clearing Online Course. There is an enormous wealth of information about this process that will take your understanding way beyond just repeating mechanically “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.” There is something so deep within us that is craving this information and understands it at lightening speed (our Spiritual Selves) whilst other parts of us need to watch the dvd over and over again so we can apply the immensity of this knowledge to our everyday lives.

Mark has worked out and given us in a nutshell all that he has understood of the human subconscious mind through his working with people over the years. He has offered this profound understanding in order for us to delve into the greater meaning behind the Ho’Oponopono process; love, compassion and forgiveness. If we truly open ourselves up and accept that there really is ‘light’ out there for us as he has shown us on the DVD (Online Course), we will be able to create the change we have been craving so deeply down at the sub-anatomical level”.

Thank you Mark!

Daniela Mannucci
Genova, Italy

In this special Z PlusOnline Course, Mark has included the inner child meditation with many modifications based upon his personal one-on-one coaching and hypnosis practice in which he encountered incredible results with his clients. This Advanced Inner Child Meditation creates very powerful states that will change everything. Mark has added things that make the processes faster, easier, and more comfortable.

[The Inner Child Meditation] illicits huge purges of backed up tears and anguish to just flow out of me. I’ve felt a lifetime of repressed emotion coming out of during the inner child mediations that I do pretty much every other day. It’s allowing to move thru my divorce hell with 10 times the speed. But the ultimate bonus is insights and inspirational realizations that have shown me things and pointed me in directions that have been nothing short of miraculous and totally transformative. The confusion is leaving my life. I actually am a achieving a faith in my life as opposed to a affirmation-based, pumped up happiness, that can collapse in two seconds. – Anonymous

The Quantum Perspective Ho’oponopono Problem Solver is a completely proprietary process Mark uses with his coaching and therapy clients. This process blows away emotional issues that block positive change, the emotional issues that keep people locked away from their own Divine Zero State.

Thank YouThis powerful change tool is perfect for those situations that keep you up at night, situations you might not even know the right answer for, a problem with a loved one, a child, a parent, even a co-worker. A problem with your bank account, a teacher, or a boss. For those situations where you feel stuck, blocked, locked in, or hopeless and devastated.

The Quantum Perspective Ho’oponopono Problem Solver changes all of that. This powerful hypnotic subliminal DVD significantly reduces and eliminates the negative interfering emotions within a few short minutes. When the negative emotional states removed, your focus moves. The data clears and releases.

When you achieve this type of powerful clearing, you come closer to the Divine Zero State where all things are possible… where the doorway appears effortlessly, and you can enter your own personal Divine Zero State.

Mark, you’ve create a beautiful package that will help many get clearer! You explain things really well. This DVD is well-produced and full of great material. It is a must for any serious student of ho’oponopono. – Chris Chimbers

Over Five Hours of Seminar

In addition to these subliminal clearing experiences, this Online Course includes 5+ hours of seminar. Mark recently gave an extensive seminar to a few friends at his home in Mount Shasta, California, in the shadow of one of the greatest spiritual mountains in the world.

Mount Shasta and Black ButtteMount Shasta is the place where Mark first learned of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s and ho’oponopono, and it has been a magical experience for him to come here many years later and make his home with his family and best friends.

Mark taught all he knew about ho’oponopono, advanced NLP concepts, and how the human mind works over two days. The final video has been edited so that it is only the most advanced information available, providing a whole new perspective and model of ho’oponopono and what you can do with it.





Mark Teaches:

  • How to best understand 100% responsibility so that you are most empowered.
  • How to expand on the 4 phrases: I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I’m sorry.
  • What is data exactly?
  • Where did data come from?
  • Who really has control of your mind and emotions?
  • Different ways to clean data.
  • Different styles of Ho’oponopono and their purpose and use.
  • Internal mind maps of how to view data and ho’oponopono.
  • How the different parts of our mind and brain respond to data and ho’oponopono.
  • How to best access and utilize certain parts of your brain with ho’oponopono to increase results.
  • What the four statements really mean.
  • Divine inspiration versus data.
  • What are the “magic numbers?”
  • Your conscious mind and your unconscious mind… how do they work with Ho’oponopono?
  • How does Hypnosis and NLP fit into the Ho’oponopono process
  • What are quantum expectations?
  • Doing ho’oponopono imperfectly.
  • World’s most valuable commodity…and its not gold or diamonds…it’s in your mind.
  • Escaping “the Matrix”
  • The love umbrella
  • How cleaning tools work
  • How to use ho’oponopono to renew relationships
  • and many more chapters

Powerful Life Improving Exercises

This seminar also includes these powerful exercises:

  • The Mind Power Meditation. This alone can change your life and is worth the entire price of the Online Course. By learning this exercise and performing it regularly, you’ll have an entirely new lease on life experience that will maximize your ability to manifest peaceful, abundant experiences while eradicating stressful, taxing experiences from your life.
  • The Unconscious / Conscious Mind Exercise. This exercise will help you determine whether your conscious mind or your unconscious mind is holding the key to the blocks in your life. Mark will teach you how to tell the difference, and routes to take to erase those blocks quickly and easily.

Hi Mark, I am so glad you have taken the step to come out of the shadows of others. From what I have been told from friends in the USA you are very much the driving force behind a few.

For the past 5 yrs I have been on a self discovery mission, to find out who I am. I have read, purchased much material some good a lot rubbish, but I have found Ho’oponopono works for me, it opened me up.

I bought Z Plus, it arrived earlier this week I watched it off and on at work over the course of the week. I loved it, and I fully watched it from start to finish yesterday.

It was very well done, different from what I thought I was getting but everything in it resonated in me, in some parts I was very emotional, I don’t know why but the feelings that came over me were incredible. A lot of things clicked and it put in place a few puzzle pieces that I had.

I loved you definition of Love. I have never heard this before.

Thank you for this work.

– Peter Eriksen

Kim MerlinoAs a bonus, you’ll also receive an inspired musical meditation by Mount Shasta local artist Kim Merlino. This inspired musical meditation was completely inspired by ho’oponopono. Listening to it raises your emotional state so that you are more able to access your personal Divine Zero State.

Mark also interviews Kim Merlino about how he uses ho’oponopono in his successful healing acupuncture practice in Mount Shasta. He’ll uncover insights that will help you, too, in your business or career, no matter it is who you serve.

You’ll also experience a quiet meditational tour of an incredibly special place near Mount Shasta: Stewart Mineral Springs. This is the place where Dr. Hew Len first spoke to the man who introduced Mark J. Ryan to ho’oponopono, thus beginning the entire Zero Limits worldwide phenomenon.

We’ve also included some important interviews with people who have encountered incredible experiences using ho’oponopono in their lives… with insight that can help you, too.

Finally you will get an interview with the man who introduced Mark J. Ryan to Ho’oponopono, Oh Be Newman. Oh Be explains a bit about how he views Ho’oponopono, how it has changed his life, and the lives of those around him.

Online Video Resources

In creating this Online Course and collecting information, Mark uncovered and developed more video than we could ever get on DVD. Rather than let that video go to the proverbial cutting room floor. No, Mark wanted to ensure you could get all that you can from his work.

When you buy Subliminal Clearing: Z Plus Advanced Ho’oponopono Online Course, you automatically gain access to Mark’s membership web videos on advanced ho’oponopono. Other online web membership sites with videos like this can cost up to $50 per month. These online videos are free to you with the purchase of the Online Course.

Free Bonus! Download a story about the hummingbird and the condor… absolutely free.

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