Inspired Manifestation: Discover WHY You Really Are

Discover the power of Inspired Manifestation and how it will create new meaning in your life!

We’re all on earth for a reason. We have a purpose, and that purpose is Divinely guided. That guidance comes to us not only through words, but through a feeling as well. We know that perfect combination of thought and feeling as inspiration.

Inspired Manifestation explores that perfect combination and how it works through us to create a network of abundance, happiness, joy and playful creation in your life… and in the lives of everyone you know.

If you’re looking for more meaningful experiences in your life, deeper relationships, and a greater understanding of why you are here, This wonderfully enlightening book explains it for you and how you can begin to live at the speed of Inspired Manifestation.

Mark J. Ryan shares deeply personal, meaningful stories about how Inspired Manifestation has worked in his life. These stories are interwoven hypnotically to work with the unconscious mind so that you can more effectively open yourself to receiving inspiration in your manifestation efforts.

Not only do the stories in Inspired Manifestation work towards opening your unconscious mind, they also entertain your conscious mind, engaging and entertaining while working at a deeper level. Inspired Manifestation is a book ten years in the making, now available to open you to the life you were meant to live.

You can spend decades striving to discover who you really are. However, when you open your mind to discover why you really are, you’ll discover an expanded understanding and experience of who you are automatically.

Mark J. Ryan, a Master and Trainer of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Coach amongst many other modalities, shares a philosophy meant to help you dive deeper into the meaning of your life, the possibilities in your relationships, and the magic that permeates all of creation.

The stories and insight Mark shares are specifically designed to install understanding deep in your unconscious. The installation of these principles via empathetic resonance automatically open you to feeling inspired magic in all areas of your experience.


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