Product Creation Course Teleseminar

Over 4 Hours and 50 Minutes Long!

Mark J. Ryan hosted an intimate teleseminar with people — like you — who are trying to more perfectly align their business with their passion. That teleseminar contained case studies, stories, examples, and was packed with information about how to do it.

It was inspiring. It was informative. And now, it’s available to you as an instant download.

Are you ready to align your business with your passion? If you are, read on.

Let’s face it. We’ve seen lots of different situations in which good ideas go bad, opportunities are missed, or a competitor makes a breakthrough product when another worthy creative person makes nothing.

Why the difference? Why do some people succeed and others languish?

Here’s the real truth, and its something we’ve seen in both successful people and those who aren’t so successful… it’s all about values and mindset. There are some people who appear to have it all who are miserable, and there are some people who have absolutely nothing and are happy. And there are others yet who are really lost.

Ask yourself…

  • What is succcess to you?
  • What do you value?
  • What is the driving force behind your daily effort?
  • And do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true?

There is one critical element that every business venture must have. It’s the one piece that’s missing in the guy who developed the “me, too” product that didn’t make the grade. It’s the one piece that is missing when the product doesn’t feel just right. It’s the one piece missing when you are at a loss what to do.

But it’s the one piece that we ALL HAVE.

It’s energy, and you have it. You’re probably like the rest of us, you just need to learn how to use that energy. If the elements of a successful business are like appliances in the kitchen, then the energy you have within you is the energy that fuels the elements of your business.

In this teleseminar, I’ll teach you how to tap into that energy and maximize it. This is not simply about getting a product on the market… it’s about getting you doing the things that flow naturally for you in a way that energizes a business successfully. Easily. Almost effortlessly.

Why work when you’re doing something you love that flows easily, freely, magically from you? When you’re passionate about what you do, then you’ll experience a flow of energy in your business and in your life that feels magical.

  • Do you need a product you can feel passionate about?
  • Do you already have a product, but don’t know what the next step is?
  • Maybe you have an idea, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Or you might even already have a successful product, but you are looking for new ways to expand your market?
  • Or here is a big one: do you seem to be frozen and can’t get yourself moving on your ideas?
  • For any and all of these…this teleseminar is for you!

You’ll hear detailed information, stories, and case studies about how successful products are conceived, created, and brought to market.

Our main focus in this teleseminar is how to recognize a winner for you! A winning product for you might not be a winner for someone else. But knowing why something is NOT for you can also help you know what is right for you.

Mark J. Ryan has been working with people in development of their passions, markets, and business concepts for decades.

Some of them may be products you already know about… Zero Limits, The Rolls Royce Mastermind, Subliminal Manifestation. The Install and Transcend The Secret DVD that I pitched to Joe Vitale is included in Nightingale Conant’s top selling program.

I surprised Kevin Hogan with a product that made $50,000 in one day. The product exceeded both of our expectations, and we had to scramble to make more to meet demand. Now that’s a problem we all like to cope with!

I’ve written books, created audio products and podcasts, and I’ve created a number of other information products. The great thing is that it’s easier now to bring a product to market than it has ever been. You’ll be able to learn from my experiences and my mistakes and achievements.

The TV commercials I’ve done were highly successful, increasing business dramatically. One family-owned furniture store got so busy that he received an offer to buy all of his stores. A plastic surgeon begged me to do more commercials for him.

I’ve sold products at trade shows, online, at seminars, over the telephone… the sales information I will give you in this teleseminar is worth 10 times the cost!

Mark’s expertise in video subliminals and video production has put me in such demand that I’ve got more work than I can reasonably do… and new offers pour in every day. I have over eight products of my own in production right now… and more coming.


What You’ll Get Out of This Teleseminar


  • If you don’t have a product, you will know how to create or find one uniquely suited to you.
  • You’ll learn the first step to take towards estabilishing your business.
  • The secret key to success and why you must put effort towards this often overlooked element.
  • You’ll learn how to overcome resistance… to others, to yourself.
  • How to market your most important product.
  • More about books, ebooks, videos, DVDs, audios, coaching, and membership sites… you see others doing these things… find out why and how to make them work for you easily.
  • How to position yourself for endless growth and endless opportunities… for the rest of your life!
  • Web sites, headlines, copy.
  • What makes search engines important, and how you can rise to the top easily and quickly.
  • Social media marketing… how to do it, and how not to.
  • Your questions ANSWERED.


Many years ago, I used to sell products at trade shows across the United States. I was known as the idea guy even then… vendors and business owners would come to me during these shows and ask for ideas on how to improve their business. Why me?


I had no fear… and I had offered ideas freely to certain vendors when the ideas would occur to me. Some just said thanks and did what they were doing. Others listened and did what I suggested. They’d notice their business would improve from acting on those ideas… and word got around.


I’ve been invited to Kevin Hogan’s private platinum inner circle events multiple times… why me? Because Kevin knows that I’ll contribute at a level that will provide immense value to the people who attend.


Is this Teleseminar for You?


Are you looking to live each day as if it is the best day of your life? Are you looking to connect with other people who closely resonate with you? Are you looking to live life more deeply, to feel more, and expand your experiences so that you can more intimately know yourself?


Working for someone else often means that you’re selling your time… your precious time… while your talents, gifts wait until after hours. Even working as a consultant or in your own business when it isn’t fully aligned to your spirit can leave you exhausted and jaded.


When you finally clear the unconscious blocks to your passion, your energetic flow, your God-given gifts, every day is a journey of excitement. Manifesting what you want as a logical next step feels like magic. It all falls into place. There’s no room for exhaustion because you can’t wait to get up and play again tomorrow.


This teleseminar is for people who really want to make a big change… for people who know that they can do whatever they want, but doing what brings them joy is the easiest way.


The original participants paid $97 for this opportunity. You can hear everything that they did — over 5 hours of audio — for only $19.95.

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