Quick Coaching Session

Choose a time for a 30-minute quick session.

Before you book

Here are some things you should know.

You can book a time now using the calendar on this page. If you have questions, write to me at Mark@markjryan.com to discuss a time with me. Sometimes I will work on the weekends.

When you book you will receive an intake form to fill out. This helps me discover things about you before our session so we can spend more time on resolving your issue and getting you moving forward with you life in the way you want.Most people prefer me to be direct with them and unless you tell me otherwise that is my normal way of working with you.

If I hear something that is important in what you say I will stop you and explore it at that time as it is probably very relevant to your issue.

I like to help you understand what has been going on with you in the process of getting past your issue. This way you can be aware and a part of the changing process.I also like to tell stories and have fun with this process. It is much easier and faster that way.